We also convert WOnderbar auto-seeking radios

Your number one source for Wonderbar and signal seeking radio conversion restorations in Canada!

The GM Wonderbar radio is a type of early signal seeking radios, whereby with the touch of a seek bar the radio station would automatically seek out the next radio station, and tune to it with the point placed at that exact station location on the dial.

The radios are typically 12-volt radios (except early 50’s ones) and are found in Chevrolet Corvettes, Packards, Buicks, Cadillac etc through a wide range of years.

Similar radios were also found in Ford and Chryslers of the era typically under the names of Rotomatic or Town and Country.

Early radios used ‘spring motors‘ to move the dial and later moved to a more conventional electrical gear driven motor. We can upgrade all types.

When we restore a Wonderbar radio we:

  • Remove the vacuum tubes and circuits and wiring and replace it with modern solid state electronic internal
  • Service the tuner, volume, tone and sensitivity sections
  • Fully lubricate the mechanical tuner mechanism
  • Evaluate the station select pushbutton assembly and repair as needed
  • Polish and or clean the dial plate
  • Repaint the station pointer and black background plate
    clean the radio housing and either buff or paint as appropriate (depends on initial rust condition)

If requested we can:

  • Send all chrome parts out for replating with hard show-chrome
  • Add aux input 3.5 mm jack
  • Add bluetooth and music streaming functionality
  • Add usb port for phone charging (2A max) and music playing
  • Convert an early 6V radio to 12 volt operation
  • Add 15 minute delay module to keep radio running after ignition is turned off
  • Enable tube turn-on emulation mode (for judged cars)
  • Repair red station pointers found on some mid-50’s radios
  • Replace knob and dial plates with quality reproductions

Just tell us what options and services you would like when you send us your radio and we will evaluate it and let you know the costs and any options you might have for your decision-making process.

We look forward to servicing your radio and thank you for considering us for your restoration choice!